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August 12, 2013 | Vineyards, Willamette Valley | Montinore Estate

Véraison - Magic in the Vines

We saw the onset of véraison in the vineyard a couple weeks ago, and ever since, it has been coming fast. So... what exactly is going on with the fruit?

Véraison means "the onset of ripening", where we see most noticably the change in color - but there are quite a few changes that occur in the grape with this maturity. 

During this period, we see a substantial change in the berry weight, volume, and brix (sugar content), as well as hardness of the actual grape. Prior to vérasion, the grape is quite firm and green, but as it goes through this process the grape will become more soft and pliable. 

We are seeing these changes on a daily basis in our vineyard, so mostly, this means for us that we are in the final stretches for harvest!



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