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We'll help you find the perfect wine selection and personally deliver the gift within a few days.

During this special time of year, we’re providing free personalized wine selection and delivery services to help you give gifts to your friends and family nearby. Simply fill out the form below to give us an idea of your preferences and budget, and we’ll get in touch within one business day to help create custom packages for your gift giving needs. Once we find the right gift, we'll personally deliver it right to the lucky person's door with a hand-written note!

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Be the Holiday Hero!

Who doesn't like getting a bottle of wine during the holidays?

Consider sending a few bottles to your family for that special holiday meal. Giving the gift of wine to those nice neighbors. Gifting to your employees in lieu of the company party. Or stocking your own wine rack to make holiday celebrations that much sweeter. One of our wine educators will help you make the ideal selection and we'll take it from there, bringing the gift right to the recipient's doorstep. It's that easy!

Gift Ideas

The Perfect Pairing

A great selection to pair with any holiday meal.

Roulette Pinot Gris
Reserve Pinot Noir

Italy in Oregon

The ideal gift for the Italian wine lovers in your life.


Taste of Willamette Valley

Cellar-worthy Pinot Noir from three different AVA's in the Willamette Valley.

Justice Pinot Noir, from Eola Amity AVA
Plumlee Road Pinot Noir, from our estate in Tualatin Hills AVA
First Sight Pinot Noir, from Yamhill-Carlton AVA

Santa's Helper

A great go-to gift for neighbors, employees and colleagues.

"Red Cap" Pinot Noir
Estate Pinot Gris

And much, much more!
Don't forget to add two etched Riedel burgundy glasses and a corkscrew to any set for only $20.