Planted in 1999, this 30-acre biodynamically farmed vineyard is positioned against the western edge of the Yamhill-Carton AVA, a sub-appellation of Oregon’s renowned Willamette Valley. Here, history, geology and climate have conspired to create a place where Pinot Noir loves to grow. From its ancient marine history, to its distinctive reddish hue, to the plants and animals who make their home here—this dirt has a story to tell.Tidalstar Vineyard

This piece of land, with its rich, red-tinged soil, was formed by cataclysmic events. Tectonic plates crashed together to turn ancient seabeds into fertile hillsides, which were further enriched by massive ice age floods that swept down from the northeast. Today, the land is shaped by the more subtle transitions between days and seasons. Like Burgundy and other iconic wine regions, it sits right on top of the 45th parallel, a climatic midpoint between the equator and the pole that affords us both moderate temperatures and pronounced seasons—an ideal balance for the varieties we grow.

Tidalstar Vineyard is planted almost 100% to Pinot Noir, with different clones in each of the 13 blocks. Elevated above the valley floor, the vines have a fantastic view. Looking southeast, across the Willamette, they catch the first morning sun over the Cascades and the first evening breezes off the Pacific. The vineyard is LIVE, organic and Salmon Safe.

Appellation: Yamhill-Carlton AVA    
Planted Area: 30 acres
Elevation: 425 feet
Aspect: Southeast

Slope: 9.6%
Soils: Goodin, Melbourne, Witham
Varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay