Estate Dessert Wines and Verjus

We believe in a culture where wine is part of the everyday, one that includes the enjoyment of food and wine with friends and family. Within the Delights Collection you'll find a few of our treats that honor this culture, including our dessert wines and a fun non-alcoholic product, Verjus (fantastic for cooking and cocktail making).

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From inside these seasoned barrels comes a divine nectar reminiscent of raspberry, chocolate, truffle oil and orange zest. Fortified with Brandy made from our Pinot Noir grapes, this is a rich dessert wine. 

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Made from 100% Pinot Gris from our certified Biodynamic® and organic vineyards, grapes were picked at the end of September before reaching ripeness. Use it in place of vinegars in cooking or as a mixer for cocktails.

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