Montinore Estate has been practicing Biodynamic viticulture since the early 2000s, with the estate vineyard receiving Demeter Biodynamic® certification in 2008.

Biodynamic agriculture is a farming practice that promotes the health of a farm (or vineyard, in this instance) to occur from within the farm itself. The result is a carefully managed crop-producing ecosystem that is self-sustaining and increases its vitality with each season.

[Biodynamics] is one of the most sustainable forms of agriculture, creating healthier food for healthier people and a healthier planet.” ~Demeter USA

Biodynamic WineBiodynamic farming is very proactive with many tasks and treatments not found in conventional or even organic farming. At Montinore Estate, biodiversity is essential to maintain the balance of our farm. Nutrient-infusing and insect-promoting cover crops, and uniquely prepared compost and sprays all improve the liveliness of the vineyard.

These practices create richer soils with more diverse nutrients. The vines are broader with deeper root systems that can incorporate a wider range of nutrients and minerals in the development of the grapes. We believe this is why wines made from Biodynamic grapes stand out in a crowd.

Biodynamic farming is holistic land stewardship at its best. It is the highest paradigm of sustainable farming, offering one of the smallest carbon footprints of any agricultural method.” ~Demeter USA

This philosophy of farming carries into the winery and our winemaking practices as well. For example, instead of purchasing cultivated yeast, much of the yeast used to ferment our wine is sourced from our own vineyard. These yeast strains, unique to our estate, produce more complex profiles compared to commercial strains. While we are also a certified organic farm, our methods are stricter than organic farming. Our goal is to produce wines that reflect the purest character and personality of our vines and estate, while protecting the integrity of our farm.