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Katy Brown, Marketing Manager
October 18, 2013 | Weekly Round Up | Katy Brown, Marketing Manager

Weekly Wine-Up

1. The sunsets have been stunning around here in the early evening. 
2. Pinot Noir grapes from late last week, just waiting to go in the press. 
3. Birds are a constant problem for us when grapes are still on the vine, but once we get everything off, it is once again easy to be in awe over their flight patterns above the vineyard. 
4. Pulses being done on one of the large Pinot Noir ferments to break up the cap. 
5. Kristin was in the winery Sunday helping out the crew, and had a nice break when her family, including adorable son, Anders, came to visit. 
6. To be honest, the winemakers have gone a little batty lately, as can be seen on the white board in the lab.  

Here is some links we clicked this week:

- The Grand Lodge is hosting a Vintner's dinner is tonight, focusing on local food and wines. 
- Jancis Robinson and Antonio Galloni investigate the power of smell and scent memories as tied into wine appreciation. 
- And for something completely different, Wine for cat is now on sale in Japan (don't worry, there is no alcohol in it). 

This weekend we will:

Be staying here at the winery as we are now in the full-swing of harvest. Come by and visit us in the tasting room - we will all be here!

Tonight Rudy will be at the Grand Lodge for their Vintner's Dinner - click for more information. 



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